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Collosal Catch-Up Update

I’ve slipped badly on keeping my website updated and not streaming, but I’ve been tackling important money making things between my dayjob and my freelancing!

Here is what I’ve been doing for the past three weeks!



I’ve recently finished a logo commission for a good friend and co-worker of mine!

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Watercolor Painting Process

I decided to do a painting of a life drawing I did a while ago.

Each part is around 20 to 30 minutes of watercolor painting whenever I have time between my day job.

It was an okay piece and I’m glad I actually spent time on it instead of sketching and leaving it as I always do. Doing this made me think that my Canson Watercolor Paper dries too quickly to work with.

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Raccoon Month Day 2

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More Raccoon Month Scans. This is where I start finding more obscure characters and ideas to draw and showcase.

Mark Brown and Kevin Rose are my favorites of the entire run of doing this! I also did a bit of stretching when it came to Don-Chan, from Street Fighter, who is a tanuki and not a raccoon, but I like to take artistic license.

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