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3-12-2017 Comic Progress

Today’s stream has gone well!

I can say that I’ve completed almost all of the color flatting for my comic and I can more forward to lettering and real coloring!

Thanks to all who watched my stream tonight! See you next Saturday at 5pm CST!

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2-12-2018 Comics Progress

I made a mistake and skipped an update and I apologize for that. I’ve been doing a few more art things for my game, which you can watch my progress streams on Youtube!

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Another Coloring Night

I managed to push through and knock out this large background! The hard part of coloring Page 1 is finally done!

Here’s some other digital art I worked on over the week.

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Coloring Time

I’ve done another stream last Saturday with a new streaming website on Stream.Me!

This time I’ve started the coloring process of my comic. I made less progress than I wanted and I’m not 1000% happy with the flats but I’m only in the first few steps of my comic.

Here some other sketches as well.

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12-11-2017 Finally! Comics!

I finally got back on the comic making saddle!

Thanks to having a shred of accountability during my streams, I got more comic progress done than I ever did for most of the year!

With my day job and doing my small commissions, I’d all but abandoned the short comic I’ve been working on and off for the past two years!

Hopefully with my current live streams, I’ll be more encouraged to work on comics again.

Also, here are few art things I scanned that I forgot to post here.

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