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Watercolor Painting Process

I decided to do a painting of a life drawing I did a while ago.

Each part is around 20 to 30 minutes of watercolor painting whenever I have time between my day job.

It was an okay piece and I’m glad I actually spent time on it instead of sketching and leaving it as I always do. Doing this made me think that my Canson Watercolor Paper dries too quickly to work with.

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3-5-2018 Characters

I was having a bit of a hectic week, catching up with important things like renewing my drivers license, fixing my car, and completing a commission that I haven’t made much comic progress. My posting has been more sporadic because I’m trying to figure out how to get the quality of my artwork to better snuff. Daily sketches are fine but not when they never finish and it’s  thing that bothers me often. I’m trying my best to post better work and not just phoning in a sub-par daily sketch that means nothing to me.

This was a commissioned character for a game called Knockout Mice. This is nice and all but I’m not feeling the line art is up to snuff, but I managed to get it done in a timely matter and my client was happy with it.

Acrylic coloring of an Antelope Warrior Character. I kind peg him as a nameless grunt who wars with the Lion Legion.