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Inktober Week 4

Thanks for dealing with my delay.

I decided to take a new direction with this week’s Inktober and possible the rest of them moving on. Due to some self-reflection, I understood that I’ve only been drawing characters for most of my art. With this might be fine and dandy, I feel like just doing this is the cause of my minor artist block and creative stagnation. So I decided to kick myself into the challenge of drawing more places and backgrounds.

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Inktober Week 3 Plus More

Inktober is going okay, not to my intents, but life gets in the way of plans often.

I will say that I did at least do some looking at other inkers. A few things I wanted to do with my work was to have better line economy in my art. Artist like Alex Toth and Milton Caniff have really good line work that I wish I had in my own work.

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Inktober Week 1 and 2

I’m among the number of artists who is currently doing the annual Inktober drawing a day challenge this year.

My initial goals were to study and copy good ink artist to learn better inking techniques. So far It’s a bit rocky for me as I started out doing studies of Yoshitaka Amano artwork for Final Fantasy, but I fell off the wagon due to my negligence to manage my time.

I intend to get back into continuing my artist studies but this month has be personally unsatisfactory so far.

I will touch back next week with more completed art.

If you want to see the next Inktober pieces are they release you can always follow my Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr for updates.

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