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My Time at Hammond Public Library FanFest

Last Saturday, I was at the Hammond Public Library FanFest.

I didn’t make much in terms of sales, so the show was mostly me touching back with Brian Babendererde, Sean Luke, Bret Juliano, Cloud Orchid Publishing, and meeting new folk like Julio Guerra, Jack Gonzalez, Smuggler’s Coffee, Eric Wolfgang, and Fawn Szymoniak.

I even got some jewelry from Purple Panda Creations.

I don’t have many new cons for the rest of the year but I’m still plugging away at the new cover for Game Store. I’ll be posting the story for all to see very soon so look out for that at various places I post.

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Galaxy, Toyz, and Moraine Valley, Oh My!

I’ve had a packed week last week! I went to Galaxy Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo and Toyz N Cosplay Con two of the same weekends ago, and I last minute decided to go to Moraine Valley Graphic Novel Symposium on that Wednesday and Thursday after!

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Southside Comic Fest, Updates and More

I’ve been lying low online lately as a sort of mini break. I’m mainly writing my next comic, learning to write any comics and figuring out a few of my concerns with my art and my business in making art.

I went to Southside Comic Book Show last Saturday. It was tiny and slow for me and there were mostly toy sellers and seven artists including me: Juan Gomez, Darryl Young, Johnathan Grimm, Donald Mcquay and Edward Sims of Kensai Productions, and Bryant Bell. I sold three comics, but not much else. I mainly sat around and drew Jojo Characters all that day.

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My time at Indiana Comic Convention 2019

I went to Indiana Comic Con 2019 last weekend with Chris Scott as a table partner and it was great! The initial drive and check-in at my hotel room went easier than I expected and the venue was large but not crowded!

Early set-up there was alright. The tables we shared were smaller than the original set up we had at Revolution, so we prayed nothing would fall off the corners. Chris sadly forgot his banner and my banner was obscured by my wire grates and signs.

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Southside Comic Book Show

This is a reminder that I’ll be at Indiana Comic Convention on Friday, August 30th to Sunday, September 1st! I’ll be sharing a table with Chris Scott!

There, I’ll be debuting some new stickers courtesy of Sticker Robot! One is a 2×2 inch Round Sticker and the other is a 3×2 Die Cut Sticker of my popular Hipster Medusa!

Later after that, I’ll be at the Southside Comic Book Show in Apollo Recreation Center in Alsip, Illinois on September 14, 2019! Come and meet me!