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Caricature Commission Process

I got a commission for a caricature for an old teacher of mine.

This is my first pencil sketches. After feedback from my client, I thinned the cheeks and added some detail.

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4/2/2018 Push Through!

I’ve completed this huge comic panel for my stream tonight! I’m far into my comic so I just gotta keep at it!

Also, I finally begun to letter my comic. I’m a bit clueless on lettering so I’m dependent on Blambot and their articles to walk me though it a bit more!



Raccoon Month Day 2

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More Raccoon Month Scans. This is where I start finding more obscure characters and ideas to draw and showcase.

Mark Brown and Kevin Rose are my favorites of the entire run of doing this! I also did a bit of stretching when it came to Don-Chan, from Street Fighter, who is a tanuki and not a raccoon, but I like to take artistic license.

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