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Holiday Sale!

I have a new printing of Shirley’s Day is up for sale on my Etsy Store!

I also have a holiday sale for the month of December where it’s 25% off with free shipping!

Thank you for your support for all of these long years!

Please look forward to what I have next in the future!

In other news, my progress on my Gamestop comic is slowing down a bit due to my day job. I hope to pick up more after December.

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New Cards

I don’t have much to speak about in terms of things I’ve done over the week. I’m still waiting for the prints of Shirley’s Day, so as I wait for that I’m working on this animatic music video. Due to some filing issues, I had to spend most of the week renaming and reassigning missing footage files. I only wanted to add captions but things pop up and you gotta deal with them I suppose.

A few things I’ve got done over the week:

After seven years of not doing it, I finally got some new business cards printed courtesy of Primo Print. I mostly used my Gogh the Goat Wizard painting since this is my shtick for right now. It’s a bit boring but my cards have the right information now.

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3-12-2017 Comic Progress

Today’s stream has gone well!

I can say that I’ve completed almost all of the color flatting for my comic and I can more forward to lettering and real coloring!

Thanks to all who watched my stream tonight! See you next Saturday at 5pm CST!

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Podcasts I Listen To

I listen to a bunch of podcasts on my commute or when I’m doing art. In fact, I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music or watch movies. I listen to podcasts more than consuming any other media since I don’t have to fiddle with playlists or pay attention to characters acting in videos or anything.

The Comedy Button – Recommended by a good friend of mine, this is a show of IGN people simply shooting the shit, talking about life, animals, and laughing at silly old pop culture things. As it is named, the show is really funny and they talk about things well beyond video games..

The Art of Manliness – A decent podcast I listen to that has great interviews that give solid life advice and think pieces. It’s a good podcast for men but women might be able to take some things away from listening to this. I recommend episodes about Mastering Skills, Emergency Prep, The “Flow” state, and The Black History of Barbershops.

Laser Time – It’s a podcast about general old pop culture. They remind me and inform me of obscure shows and movies that I’ve never seen. I like it! I also highly recommend Thirty Twenty Ten, Vidjagame Apocalypse, and VGMpire from them! I especially like VGMpire! I usually will get interested in a video game if I like the soundtrack, and VGMpire is one of the very few podcasts to help me discover games I might have never heard of.
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