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My Influences and Inspirations

Like any other artist, I too have inspirations. These are the things that convinced me to take on the path of an artist and a creator. Whenever I feel down about myself as an artist or have doubts about my methods, I will look to these as a sort of reminder about why I bothered to start in the first place.


Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey– I loved this series and it got me into making comics and animations!

So, You Wanna Be A Comic Book Artist? By Philip Amara – This is a great book when I was younger. It told me that there are actual people making comics and that you were capable of making comics yourself! The book explained the supplies needed, how to self-publish, even what to show as a portfolio! It had interviews with comic artists like Bruce Timm, Kevin Eastman and even up and coming artists like Becky Cloonan!

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Podcasts I Listen To

I listen to a bunch of podcasts on my commute or when I’m doing art. In fact, I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music or watch movies. I listen to podcasts more than consuming any other media since I don’t have to fiddle with playlists or pay attention to characters acting in videos or anything.

The Comedy Button – Recommended by a good friend of mine, this is a show of IGN people simply shooting the shit, talking about life, animals, and laughing at silly old pop culture things. As it is named, the show is really funny and they talk about things well beyond video games..

The Art of Manliness – A decent podcast I listen to that has great interviews that give solid life advice and think pieces. It’s a good podcast for men but women might be able to take some things away from listening to this. I recommend episodes about Mastering Skills, Emergency Prep, The “Flow” state, and The Black History of Barbershops.

Laser Time – It’s a podcast about general old pop culture. They remind me and inform me of obscure shows and movies that I’ve never seen. I like it! I also highly recommend Thirty Twenty Ten, Vidjagame Apocalypse, and VGMpire from them! I especially like VGMpire! I usually will get interested in a video game if I like the soundtrack, and VGMpire is one of the very few podcasts to help me discover games I might have never heard of.
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Art Streaming News

I have recently taken up doing live streams of my art process, with time lapsed drawing recordings down the line. I live stream every Saturday @ 5pm United States Central Time!

I’m on Twitch, Picarto, Periscope and YouTube. All with the help of Restream!

Here’s a few things I’ve been working on!


My Current Supply List

As of writing this post, this is my list of tools and supplies that I currently use.

Paper and Pads

8.5 x 11 Copy Paper – Copy Paper is totally serviceable for sketching if you don’t have or want a sketchbook. A bunch of stores with an office supply section should have 8.5 x 11 Copy Paper, otherwise that is not much of an office section.

Sketch Wallet – It’s a wallet…THAT CAN HOLD A SKETCHBOOK! It can fit any 3.5 x 5.5 sketch or notebook. Between this and my phone, I have so much pocket space! My only real critique is that it’s cumbersome for holding actual cash. Despite this, this wallet is a good item to have if you want to practice sketching more often. Having a sketchbook on hand at certain times can make a huge difference.



Crescent Rendr Softcover Sketchbook – I had a 5×7 and I uses 3.5 x 5.5 sketchbook in my wallet. A great thing about this sketchpad is that markers will not bleed through the paper, letting you draw and color on both sides of a page! Since this isn’t marker paper, you’ll have a smaller window of time to blend marker colors without a colorless blender. Ink also has a bit of a spread, so you need to watch out for fuzzy lines. It’s definitely a cheaper option than Moleskine sketchbooks, and with better paper in my opinion.

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Raccoon Month Day 5

The last batch of scanned art I made for Raccoon Month! As I’ve mentioned before, I wanted to do this as a chance to take a break from a comic I was burning out from.

Some sketches were fun, I did like drawing some Happy Tree Friends stuff and I was surprise to enjoy drawing the Care Bear stuff! Some were frustrating, underestimating my ability to do the larger illustrations plus life things put a bit of a damper to my attitude to this making me think that I should’ve spent the time just going back to the comic.

All and all, I’m ready to jump back into my comic and tackle any other art projects I think of or people ask me. I think doing giant drawing streaks just isn’t for me and I’m not sure I’ll do an Inktober or anything like that again this year.

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Raccoon Month Day 4

Another bit of the scans I’ve done for Raccoon Month! These characters are a lot more obscure, from niche video games to really old cartoons and anime. Doing this small thing reminded that Pocky and Rocky existed, and I have a new craving to play more video games again!

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