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A bunch of watercolor paintings I never posted here. Most of them are from my Figure Drawing Sessions.


I feel like I’m meandering and making no progress with learning art stuff. I’m trying new mediums and trying figuring out where I need to make my growth go. The one thing I can really count on is moving forward and tackling new projects. It’s the best I can do for now.




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Raccoon Month Day 5

The last batch of scanned art I made for Raccoon Month! As I’ve mentioned before, I wanted to do this as a chance to take a break from a comic I was burning out from.

Some sketches were fun, I did like drawing some Happy Tree Friends stuff and I was surprise to enjoy drawing the Care Bear stuff! Some were frustrating, underestimating my ability to do the larger illustrations plus life things put a bit of a damper to my attitude to this making me think that I should’ve spent the time just going back to the comic.

All and all, I’m ready to jump back into my comic and tackle any other art projects I think of or people ask me. I think doing giant drawing streaks just isn’t for me and I’m not sure I’ll do an Inktober or anything like that again this year.

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Raccoon Month Day 4

Another bit of the scans I’ve done for Raccoon Month! These characters are a lot more obscure, from niche video games to really old cartoons and anime. Doing this small thing reminded that Pocky and Rocky existed, and I have a new craving to play more video games again!

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Raccoon Month Day 3

Another batch of Raccoon Month Scans. This was a larger ratio of obscure to known characters to me. First time ever drawing Meeko, or any Disney character actually, unless you count Marvel stuff but I don’t.

Tookit from the 2011 Thundercats show was a notable one to me. I never kept up with anything related to that since I wasn’t really into Thundercats or other 80’s properties. I’ll say it has great designs though, so I will give that show a look when I get the time.

Pith Possum and Obediah the Wonder Raccoon was a new one for me! It’s a pretty funny alternative to Darkwing Duck!

I had never heard of The Raccoon or Nocturnals until I did this and I’d have to say that I’m a new fan now! I love Dan Brereton’s art! I did my best but really I can’t say that I did that art justice and you really need to check out Nocturnals and Dan Brereton’s artwork!

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Raccoon Month Day 2

More Raccoon Month Scans. This is where I start finding more obscure characters and ideas to draw and showcase.

Mark Brown and Kevin Rose are my favorites of the entire run of doing this! I also did a bit of stretching when it came to Don-Chan, from Street Fighter, who is a tanuki and not a raccoon, but I like to take artistic license.

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Raccoon Month Day 1

I’m still doing work on my short comic, I’ve been working on it so long that I decided to take a bit of time away from working on it to draw other things.

So, I decided to spend the month of May drawing a sketch a day of raccoons and raccoon related things. Why? Because they’re pretty much my favorite animal.

I’ve already made posts as I finish them if you follow my Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, but I’m going to post proper scans of my artwork so they are are more clear to everyone to see!

I’ll be taking the week to post what I have scanned.


This gallery contains 7 photos