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11/20/2017 Week Sketches

A requested sketch on my art stream.

I have this for sale on my Etsy for $90 until Friday before I ink it!

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11/6/2017 Streams and New Store Item!

My last week has been a decently productive week!

I have a new item in my Etsy Store in form of this radical Aztec Jaguar Warrior!

For $95 you can have the original ink drawing sent right to you!

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Streaming and Stuff

It was slower stream last Saturday, but I’m glad some people attended! I spent most of the stream figure drawing people and animals to explain my process a bit while I refined the design on this OC which I still have yet to figure out a name for. See you next Saturday! 

In other news, I have finally set up an Etsy Shop to sell prints of my artwork! You can click my new Shop link on my page and it will go to my new Etsy Shop! I also have a few of my sketch cards up for sale on Ebay!

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9-25-2017 Work in Progress Stuff

I’ve still been steady at work on my Medusa Illustration. It’s going well during my streams. Again: let me promote that I live stream myself working on this every Saturday! So stop by, because I also spend time answering art questions too!

Another experiment with digital painting. Brushes from Frenden.


My Influences and Inspirations

Like any other artist, I too have inspirations. These are the things that convinced me to take on the path of an artist and a creator. Whenever I feel down about myself as an artist or have doubts about my methods, I will look to these as a sort of reminder about why I bothered to start in the first place.


Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey– I loved this series and it got me into making comics and animations!

So, You Wanna Be A Comic Book Artist? By Philip Amara – This is a great book when I was younger. It told me that there are actual people making comics and that you were capable of making comics yourself! The book explained the supplies needed, how to self-publish, even what to show as a portfolio! It had interviews with comic artists like Bruce Timm, Kevin Eastman and even up and coming artists like Becky Cloonan!

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Podcasts I Listen To

I listen to a bunch of podcasts on my commute or when I’m doing art. In fact, I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music or watch movies. I listen to podcasts more than consuming any other media since I don’t have to fiddle with playlists or pay attention to characters acting in videos or anything.

The Comedy Button – Recommended by a good friend of mine, this is a show of IGN people simply shooting the shit, talking about life, animals, and laughing at silly old pop culture things. As it is named, the show is really funny and they talk about things well beyond video games..

The Art of Manliness – A decent podcast I listen to that has great interviews that give solid life advice and think pieces. It’s a good podcast for men but women might be able to take some things away from listening to this. I recommend episodes about Mastering Skills, Emergency Prep, The “Flow” state, and The Black History of Barbershops.

Laser Time – It’s a podcast about general old pop culture. They remind me and inform me of obscure shows and movies that I’ve never seen. I like it! I also highly recommend Thirty Twenty Ten, Vidjagame Apocalypse, and VGMpire from them! I especially like VGMpire! I usually will get interested in a video game if I like the soundtrack, and VGMpire is one of the very few podcasts to help me discover games I might have never heard of.
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