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I’m available for commissions for commercial and non-commercial use.

For all commercial inquiries of hiring me for services such as illustration work or art assets for projects associated with games, comics, animation, etc.; please contact my email at or use the About page contact sheet.

All payments are made upfront only.

I currently accept Paypal, Venmo, and the Cash App If there are any other payment methods, you must message me about them.


Pencil Sketches (Per Character)


Head (9×12 Bristol Board) – $30

Full-body (9×12 Bristol Board) – $60

Ink Art (Per Character)


Head (9×12 Bristol Board) – $60

Full-body (9×12 Bristol Board) – $120

Marker Colored Art (Per Character)


Big Head Fred Marker Illustration

Head (9×12 Bristol Board)- $120

Full-body (9×12 Bristol Board) – $240


(High quality prints can be signed mailed to you for an additional $10)

Digital Sketches (Per Character)

Head (1:1 Square) (Raster Only) – $15

Full-body (Raster Only)- $30

Digital Lineart (Per Character)


Head (1:1 Square) (Raster or Vector)- $45

Full Body (Raster or Vector) – $90

Digital Color (per Character)

Piper_Icon_Flat Color

Head Flat Color Head (1:1 Square) (Raster or Vector)- $60

Full Body Flat Color (Raster or Vector) – $120


Portrait Cel Shading – $75

Full Body Cel Shading -$150


Character Turnarounds (Option of T-poses)

Bat Ears Character Turnaround Black and White

3 views, Line Art (Front, Back, and Side)- $240
Additional Sides – $90

Bat Ears Character Turnaround Flat Color

3 views, Flat Color (Front, Back, and Side) – $330
Additional Sides – $120


Comic Page Rates

Penciling – $100 per page
Inking  – $ 75 per page
Coloring – $50 per page

Animation (Must Detail in Email)

Storyboards (3×4) -$50 per frame
Animatics (5×7) – $150 per frame

Other Artwork (Must Detail in Email)

T-Shirt Designs
Tattoo Designs

Other Notes

To make this process as smooth and quick as possible, please be specific to what you want.

Make sure to name your deadline and budget for the work. Provide any references, internet links, detailed descriptions, story backgrounds, references to existing media etc.

If certain features of the image are not specifically explained to me (such as poses, colors, design, etc,) I will express my own artistic liberties to the best of my ability, knowledge, and understanding of subject.

All payments are made upfront only.

Traditional Commission Artwork will be mailed to your location with free shipping. Message me your delivery address.

Digital Artwork will be emailed to your email address. If an email address is not provided, the artwork will published on any of my personal galleries. High quality prints can be signed and mailed to you for an additional $10.

I currently accept Paypal and Venmo. If there are any other payment methods, you must message me about.

After money is received, I begin working on up to three preliminary thumbnail sketches for all non-sketch or ink artwork, and you will approve one of them (or add your input/desired changes,) then the project will begin upon your approval.

Any changes made after acceptance of preliminary layout will cost $20 per revision.

All sizes for digital artwork must be specified. Specific image sizes and resolutions can be requested but at default, images will be a 300 DPI, high-resolution PNG file and JPEG for printing at a maximum size of 24”x36”

Inquiries to color another artist’s line art are only accepted if said artist makes a written agreement giving permission of the original artist to modify their work (for comic books, illustrations, etc.)

No sex or gore. If there is a project I object to, I have the option to pass or deny working on it.

I only accept as many projects as I can do at the time. Commissions are on a first come, first serve basis unless specified by me at a later time.

Turnaround is approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the type of project.

If I run into problems, issues or other unforeseen circumstances, I will contact you accordingly. If I have any issues where I am incapable of providing my services to completing your project in full and you have already made payment, I will refund your money in full for any payments you have made.

Any commercial projects you must message me first.

All non-commercial art commissions are for the private use of the commissioner. I retain the right to use these images for personal or promotional use, such as portfolios, website post, art books, etc.

For any other questions, please message me at

I hope to work with you soon!