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Let’s Make A Comic Story Part 6: Screentones

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This was originally going to be in the digital touch ups step of my series of articles of my comic process, but it was getting a bit long, so I broke this into a separate article!

It’s time to utilize Manga Studio to do something personally experimental. I’ll be adding screen tones to give some of my art a grey tone with only black and white dots. I’m mainly working from a tutorial on screentoning from Whyt Manga. Also check out his comic, Apple Black!

In Manga Studio 5 EX there is a Material Tab. It would be in the default UI but if it is not, it can be accessed from Window>Material>Material[Dot]. You will find a variety of textures and screen tones from this tab, and you can make custom ones, which is what I’m doing.

I usually just select one of the pre-made tones and edit them by clicking “Settings of toning…” This will give you the Simple Tone Settings window. I set The Number of lines for 70, which in this instance, determines the amount of dots in the pattern. I set the Density(B) to 30, white determine how big and fat those dots are. I set the Angle at 23 degrees,, this is the rotated orientation of the texture. I made it at an angle that’s not an even number, giving it a tiny bit of flaw to the texture.

So now we can drag this texture to my comic and now the entire screen is screen toned! It’ll make a separate screentone layer with a mask of the texture so this saves a ton of work than other programs.

I can fill the layer masks with a black color,or in Manga Studio’s case a transparent color to mask it out, a staple of digital image editing programs.

Time to edit. Basically, I’m editing my masks with a normal unaliased round brush or selecting with my lasso and magic wand tools to mask and unmask as needed. I usually start a panel by selecting an entire panel and filling the general screen tone.

I edit my masks with a normal unaliased round brush or selecting with my lasso and magic wand tools to mask and unmask as needed.

I also do some other screen tone things like adding a darker screen tone for the black girlfriend.

I continue these processes for the rest of the pages. I’m mainly nailing down the rough spots I need.

I do some simple experimenting with screentoning such stacking screen tone layers on top of each other and masking with a soft brush to give a decent gradient look.

There isn’t much I’m doing after all of this, I’m mainly fixing adjusting masks, tweking the density of the dots to make lighter or darker greytones.

I’m being a perfectionist and I really need to let this go now. It’s high time to stop fiddling with the art and start putting the words in!

Author: mastafran42

I'm a freelance cartoonist who has been going at it for several years at this point. I mostly draw cartoons, and comics, so if you need something funny, cool, or expertly done art, I have what you need. If you have any questions, job offers, comments, concerns, complains, or simply wish to say hi, message me!

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