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2-12-2018 Comics Progress

I made a mistake and skipped an update and I apologize for that. I’ve been doing a few more art things for my game, which you can watch my progress streams on Youtube!

I’m still getting the inking done on the last few pages of Shirley’s Day. I thought I’d be done this week, but I found a half inked page that I skipped so I’ve goofed.

Besides this stuff, I haven’t been sketching lately but I eek out some doodles and ideas every now and then.

Author: mastafran42

I'm a freelance cartoonist who has been going at it for several years at this point. I mostly draw cartoons, and comics, so if you need something funny, cool, or expertly done art, I have what you need. If you have any questions, job offers, comments, concerns, complains, or simply wish to say hi, message me!

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