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Page 3 down! Splendid!

Merry Christmas Folks!

I made incredible progress over this weekend. This week has been sporadic art wise, as I’ve been spending time wrapping up a commission that I’ve been working on the past few months.

Colossal progress has been made on page 3! Thanks to all who watched my stream lady weekend!


These are scans of art from my last filled up sketchbook for the year. They’re mostly doodles and sketches that I didn’t feel 100% on posting over the few months.


Author: mastafran42

I'm a freelance cartoonist who has been going at it for several years at this point. I mostly draw cartoons, and comics, so if you need something funny, cool, or expertly done art, I have what you need. If you have any questions, job offers, comments, concerns, complains, or simply wish to say hi, message me!

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