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Marker Comics Commission Illustration Thomas Wayne Batman, Black Cat, Scarecrow, Anti-Venom

Fan Commission and More News

I’ve been working on this commission a month ago and I just now realized that I hadn’t posted it!

Comics Commission

I did a commission for my friend of his four favorite characters: Batman (Thomas Wayne), Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Scarecrow (Johnathan Crane), and Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock).

This art took me roughly two weeks to work on.

Here’s a bit of the process work.



I think I did decently, I’m not too ashamed of how Flashpoint Batman’s gun pose turned out.

I was a bit bothered about how to do Black Cat. She rarely used a whip, but I wanted her to hold some sort of weapon to make a good thematic pose.


I took a few liberties with Scarecrow’s design as most of the designs I looked through (in my opinion) had nothing to do with being a “scarecrow.”

Unsurprisingly, Anti-Venom was the easiest to draw though I feel unsatisfied that my personal art style doesn’t make him scary enough, but I hope to get better at achieving the proper themes the future drawings



If I don’t get any other commissions or requests, I’ll be going straight back to the short comic I was working on; Lord knows it’s taken so long for me to pencil it! I intend to ink this drawing digitally in Manga Studio 5 to finally sit down and learn the program. I’ve even managed to finish the line work of one out of the eight pages through to program!


I had planned to finish it before the year ended but I had other commitments to attend to. I want to push myself to complete more artwork to that final finish! Right now it’s just baby steps but I’ll get it done one line at a time!

If you want to hire me for commissions, message me at


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